Foundation promoting art and creativity for people all over the world


« The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. » Dieter F. Uchdorf 

Our purpose and mission

#art4every1 is a non profit foundation that seeks to promote art and creativity for all people-especially those with special needs and a faint voice. We seek to connect with people from countries all over the world to share projects and enthusiasm for creativity. We are two friends, one American who lives in Doha, Qatar, and another French, who lives in Normandy. We are bonded by a desire to se all peoples, no matter if they are in hospitals, schools, refugee camps, or at home with their families discover sparks of creativity.

The idea for this project was spearheaded in Qatar by a love for a child, Elias Shumway, who has autism, and a teacher, Gabriel Deerman, who took the time to foster a love of art in Elias. It is our desire that with sharing these projects, relationships will be enhanced and creativity will be fostered-in homes, schools, and creative villages everywhere. We will be launching the project in Qatar and in France in May, 2017. We invite people all over the world to pause, and reach out to create with old and new friends.