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Get Involved

If you are a person who wants to spearhead art communities in your corner of the world, we invite you to join us. #Art4every1 is truly for everyone–no matter where you live or how well you sketch. It is the desire to see every one’s eyes sparkle that they have currents of creativity running through them. Also, it is a connected feeling that you have many friends in the world–just that your paths have not crossed yet. It is watching yourself and others see in ways they have never envisioned. Art is discovering pockets of potential you did not know you had–or the next person at your elbow.

Here are some of the ways to launch art projects and gatherings where you live:

1) Instigate an #Art4every1 Day in your area–whether it is at a school, park, city hall, hospital, refugee camp, summer camp, family reunion, senior citizen center, or neighborhood. There could be an exhibit at the end of the day where people gather to see displays and promote awareness of the power of art. Maybe you could have a booth at a community fair or festival.

2) As an organizer, you can gather weekly in small groups or even on a one-on-one basis, to teach and instruct. As a foundation, we especially seek to give people a voice of art who have disabilities or who have little economic means to enjoy the love of creativity in their lives. 

3) If you look in the News and Gallery labels on the Home page, you can see we are involved in countries all over the world. If there is a pin on the map, these are people who are committed to bringing more art and creativity to their corner in the world. The involvement depends on the organizer and setting. Contact us, and we can help to give you ideas.

4) If you would like to donate funds for art supplies–especially in areas who have a high need, contact the information below. It is our goal to also provide grants for artists who want to promote #Art4every1 in their area. 

If you want to be a part of the #Art4every1 community, please contact us at . Maryan also has a blog called Opening the Sky where she writes about enlarging boundaries between peoples in her travels. She has written extensively about art and autism.